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Chantel Jackson Statement on the New York State Democratic Committee, Bronx County, Judicial Convention

Chantel Jackson, the Democratic Nominee for Assembly District 79, seeks transparency on the process to vet and elect judges at the New York State Democratic Committee, Bronx County, Judicial Convention.

“I expected to witness an open competitive process where several candidates would be produced, their qualifications would be discussed, and judicial delegates after being informed on the choices could consider and vote for the most qualified individuals. Judicial delegates are the representatives of the general electorate. They are trusted to select qualified, efficient, and well-prepared judges to represent the Democratic Party at the general election.”

“A democratic selection process ensures fairness for our communities and produces independently thinking judges. This is important because they will wield immense power and discretion. The Bronx has 1.5 million residents. We must have many qualified attorneys for judicial positions living here. Are these individuals truly included in the selection process? Are they encouraged to apply for these positions? Is the County Committee actively recruiting outside their immediate political network for qualified individuals? It appears that we don’t have an openly transparent competitive process to elect Justices to the Supreme Court of the State of New York. The delegates have no opportunity to deliberate over choices. This rushed almost forced process gives the appearance of exclusivity and lack of transparency. This reinforces negative stereotypes of old-fashioned business as usual machine politics.” — Chantel Jackson

Read Ms. Jackson’s full statement below.

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